What I Learned this Week – And NOT the hard Way this time! Let it HELP you!

Here I am sitting at the airport (yet again) en route to Chicago, where I’ll be hosting my Signature Fitness and Nutrition Classes on behalf of Livestrong [Side Note: if you are a Chicagoan or in Chicago early this week, make sure to message me on Twitter (@arfit) and perhaps you can join a class or cooking demonstration]!

Now back to my original programming ;)…Seriously though, As I sit in the airport in NYC, I am reflecting on my week in NYC. I know many people tend to be confused about where I live, and I don’t blame you, I seem to be confused myself lately. BUT, I ADORE New York, it is my first love and true soulmate (yes, I do think there are certain places you can live which, like a life partner, can be your location soul mate), for me, that is NYC. I dreamed my whole life of being in NYC, and I know deep within myself, that no matter where my life takes me, Manhattan will always be my home base and the place my heart is.


BUT over the past and future several months, my life is taking me more and more out of NYC – from Aspen and Los Angeles to Toronto,  Chicago and Houston. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, these are all great places and I’m so blessed to have the opportunity for work that I do (this IS living my dream), BUT having been away SOO much, I realized just how much I miss my New York! The buzz, the people, the magic, the endless conveniences, amazing restaurants and all my charming little cafes, my GYM (yes, how I miss my gym, which is also my little social club – big shout out to Greenwich Village Equinox and all my West Village neighbors), I have missed you and….everything really.

Sometimes it is being away that makes you appreciate things in your life more, and this doesn’t just apply to New York City, or even location. It applies to whatever you may be taking for granted in your life, from your friends and family, to your home, to your HEALTH and Fitness!

This being away and coming back for such a short stint at a time, reminds me of how it is always having things ‘taken away’, that make you appreciate what you have even more. It was an injury that left me unable to run forcing me to experience firsthand the value of fitness on my life, and essentially led me to do what I do today! It is being far away from my family that makes me value the precious time we have together and enhance the quality of it. It is being away from my friends and home in New York that make me miss it so very very much, and the list goes on.

So as you read this, I hope that you think about the things in your life you are grateful for. I don’t want to go all ‘Oprah’ on you – but sometimes I think we experience these kinds of revelations, or stumble upon these articles (as you are right now), as a sign. Let it be a sign to think about all the little things that make up your life as you like it– I hope that by reading this it saves you from experiencing something dear to you being ‘taken away’ to appreciate it, especially when it comes to your health, your family, you friends any thing really.
Now, I must assert, this: my example is an extremely positive version of a ‘lesson learned’, showcasing more the concept of how ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’, as my absence is also a positive adventure, and ‘next steps’ in moving my life forward versus a tragic situation in which something is truly taken away.

YES, I am a firm believer that you need to make choices and sacrifices that are difficult and uncomfortable to go after your dreams, but this week’s experience served as much more pleasant lesson to me in valuing certain things in my life. So take this as you like: ON one hand, if you are experiencing decisions in your life don’t simply make the ‘easiest’ choice, make the one that BIG picture will move you forward, closer to your dreams and ideals of happiness.

But the other and lesson here: do NOT take the blessings in life for granted, no matter how overlooked they may be. I used my neighborhood as the example here, because it’s something many of us overlook, but I also think it’s the time to STOP making excuses.
Motivation is a HUGE obstacle when it comes to going after what you want, ESPECIALLY when it comes to getting FIT, so if you are physically able, don’t wait another day, get up and get moving. Not sure where to begin, that’s what this site is for. Bored in your ‘monotonous life’? Choose an afternoon and be a tourist in your own area, fall in love with it and all it’s quirks. Visit a friend whom you cherish and seem to have been too ‘busy’ to see. Send a thank you note to someone you deal with regularly and appreciate in your life, from your mailman to the receptionist at your office.

Love this! Printed it off and put it next to my toothbrush, so it's the first thing I see in the morning.

Love this! Printed it off and put it next to my toothbrush, so it’s the first thing I see in the morning.

Bottom Line: Don’t let things go absent before you appreciate them. And I promise, once you start paying attention and finding all the positive things around you, no matter how trivial or simple they seem, you will find greater joy in everything that you do, and it will have a positive trickling effect on the world around you.

And what I’d love to know from YOU – what is it this article made you think about? Was it your neighborhood like me? Your Fit Body you let go? A loved one? Post in the comments below ( I read them all) or Tweet me (@arfit)with Hashtag #FitStrongandSexy so I can be sure to see your post and comment!